If you happen to be from India, you must have most probably heard of the AIB Knockout thing, a Roast (an event in which a celebrity is subject to insults and rest of the audience is well, entertained by it.) hosted by Karan Johar in Mumbai. It was uploaded on youtube in late jan, and removed in around 5-6 days due to controversies brewing, with FIR lodged against the host and some other members for ‘filthy language’ and stuff.

Now, things like that happen. For some it was entertainment and business, while for others, a quick shot to get some attention. Whatever the reason is, the question was, is it right to host such events here in India, and also was it right to force the content’s removal from youtube?

I don’t know. I did watch that video (for about the first 10 minutes), and it WAS filthy, but was it the only thing filthy on the Indian media or around here? Of course not. We have politicians watching porn in the assembly, waving money to ‘buy’ seats (and these politicians are now roaming free, by the way) and well, all porn sites work fine here, no bans on them.

So do I advocate more such roasts? No. Am I happy with it getting off youtube? No, again. So what is the reason of this boring post?

Well, see. I don’t mind such things on the media because much filthier things already exist, and we don’t seem to give a damn. Although things like this roast bore me, I do advocate freedom of expression. What I care about much more is the influence it has on our youth. The problem with Indian youth is that they crave for westernization. After watching that roast, many of my friends, including the ladies, started to feel an amazing pride in prefixing any adjective they used, with ‘fucking’. Why? I don’t know. Maybe to sound bad ass, or retarded, whatever. Swearing isn’t bad, and we do it to express strong emotions, but doing it just for the sake of looking cool is bullshit with warm urine. You seriously don’t want to sound like that, do you? Also, these celebrities happen to get paid for their popularity, which increases with such shit talks. Unless you are in a similar field where your popularity gets you pay cheques, you should seriously avoid following them, at least in the way they talk and dress.

So, watch everything, even porn. Doesn’t matter. What matters is how much you let it influence you. You can’t ban the internet. Off youtube and it shows up on multiple torrent and file uploading sites. You just cannot hide information. The most you can do is educate the people.