I am not feeling very good writing on such a topic, but yes, I have really convinced myself, if I am not rich, I am nothing in this country.

It is a daily sight for me, how being rich makes all the difference there is, here. If something is bothering me, I don’t go complaining about it, but instead, I wait for the same thing to bother some politician or hotshot, so that he will complain and get it fixed, because even if I do complain, no one is going to hear me anyway.

It is funny how thousands of people get checked at the airport everyday and no one bats an eye but when a famous celebrity goes through the same, our media loses its mind, criticizing the airport officials for doing their duty. How wealthy people demand changes and get them, and the others have to just adjust to it.

I always wonder, how politicians earn that much. I mean, they have fixed salaries when they are in power, and otherwise, they have to make a living doing something else. Instead, you’ll find that every politician here has multiple houses in posh areas, farm houses, run their own colleges. Where does this lot of money come from? How come a guy, who has not worked a single hour, doesn’t have a job nor any apparent legit business, roams around in a Jaguar, is respected by authority, is called upon as chief guest in functions and his orders are given more importance than the orders of law.

I live in a country where the people from military, police and the farmers are amongst the lowest earning people. They are overlooked most of the times, hardly make a living to keep their families fulfilled. On the other hand, we have cricketers making billions of rupees, celebrities that are treated like deities and politicians and business people who get to take decisions on behalf of the entire nation. I have nothing against people who earn with their own efforts, but when some people keep all the money for themselves, it is the common people who suffer. And as money is synonymous to power and authority here in India, most of the people are robbed off their basic rights. Maybe I don’t, but the people who sacrifice their lives for the nation deserve a better standard of living. When you see the kids of farmers not going to school because he can’t even afford to feed them, let alone sending them to school, a part of you dies within. The guy who feeds the nation is unable to feed his own family, and the people who have put on the false mask of saving the culture and religion of this country, eat at international food joints and roam around in imported cars.

Here, people don’t help others to rise. Instead, when one is going down, he is pushed even harder. When people here find a source of income, they exploit it to the fullest, gathering as much as they can, until they can. See cricket for example. There is awful lot of money here. All other sports are ignored, only cricket. They give the excuse that cricket is a religion here, but the truth is, money is the religion here. Greed is, maybe, a human instinct. Here, people are not greedy, they are impaired by their brain, poor by their thoughts, disabled in terms of sensitivity. Check out the condition of sports that don’t make money here. It is left to rot.

People in India are highly religious. They stand by their religion and people no matter what. The common people at least. This fact is well exploited by the politicians these days. Drag any argument into this dirt and hurt the sentiments of the weak hearted. Then follows the riots and jams, the damaging to the public property and what not. All this, just so that some people can get into the good books of the majority of the people who follow a religion and hope they help those some people to win elections. Pretty foolish, you might say. No, it really works. Welcome to India.

You visit a temple. First thing you notice is two separate queues, one for the commoners and the other for the VIPs. The commoners line can get really long at occasions, sometimes 4-5 hours in queue. The VIP line hardly reaches any long, most of the times 10 minutes tops. Now some wise folks argue that at the end both get to see the same God. Yeah, good luck convincing yourself that. This is just an example of what happens everyday, at everyplace in the country.

Do you know what bullies look like in India? No, they are not the fat ugly huge guys, but rather they are the ones who are friends with local politicians, who can get a gang standing by them on a mere call, who will beat you up along with half dozen of his friends even if you were right, and then even if you die, proving that he was the culprit in India will probably take the next 20 years in court who by then will have settled in some damn foreign country where our jurisdiction doesn’t apply. This is what will happen. This is what has been happening.

Do you see the pattern. You can get off with any crime here in India. If you are a celebrity, you can walk in and out of the jail during your term, just like you do in a park, with obvious BS excuses. You can do whatever the hell you want to in this country, provided that you are rich. I am not. Now you know why I feel so powerless in my own country.