Salman Khan was awarded with a 5 year jail term yesterday, on account of the 2002 hit and run case where he ran over 5 homeless people sleeping on the footpath, out of which, one died.

Now, the law will do it’s job, justice will look at who’s guilty and who’s not, and there is nothing for a commoner like me, to add anything into it. But then, some people really don’t understand these things. Here are some of the ridiculous things I read on the Internet lately, which I felt were a bit funny and low on intelligence, except that they actually were. I really lost words when I read this. She maybe be rich, and even very beautiful, but she’s definitely not educated.

Then maybe she got a blow to her head and came back to her senses. Or maybe not!

And then there was this guy.

Why not just call the case a suicide and let the convict free?

And then the justification for DUI, driving under influence came in.

Forgetting they are as much Mumbaikars, as you are.

Then, looking forward to some community servicing and preaching to wash off what he said, but yes, still standing by it. After all, it is a celeb’s ego.

When famous personalities don’t support you. It hurts right? After all, they are the only ones you consider ‘humans’. Rest are dogs.

This fight is still on, and will continue for a day or two. If you are one of those in bollywood who get very little to no attention from media these days, now’s the time to shine. Post something shitty and get interviewed. For free.